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DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with Violent, Sexual, Profane, and/or Drug-Related Content. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with disturbing topics, including themes of rape, murder, abuse, drugging, crime, disaster, tragedy, and etc. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

If you were in the Thomas fandom from 2011 to early 2016 you will most likely heard the name "Dezul and Fwinds" before. For the unaware, Dezul and Fwinds was a poorly made spoof of the 1984's Kids TV show Thomas and Friends, however the main antagonist is the main character.


Anything badly done, vulgar or offensive was intentional because it was one of those videos that are meant to terrible on purpose.

The series only had a few people working on it UnknownThomasFan1, FattHatt, Tug97 etc.

The first episode was released in 2011 and was called HiTler, UnknownThomasFan1 was going to make the Episode 1 an one off project but people loved it so much that he started to make more episodes.

Many changes were made to the show to make it different from Thomas the Tank Engine, From character names to various other things. For example James has a mustache and is Italian. Another thing different is that Gordon, Henry Edward and various other Characters are missing.  Season one can be found on DVD but the series was made private by UnknownThomasFan1 himself for currently "Unknown" reasons. No episodes have resurfaced but a Prototype for the planned Season 3 intro is online and can be seen on FattHatt's channel. Speaking of FattHatt he also uploaded a similar series called "Tim and acquaintances" however that can be still be viewed. That series only lasted 3 episodes because FattHatt lost the files.

As of 2021 No episodes or clips have resurfaced but someone can put the season 1 DVD online, all we can do is hope.

List of Episodes

  • HiTler (On DVD)
  • Moar Injins Ahrive (On DVD)
  • Dezul Dyes (On DVD)
  • Chrimbus Special (On DVD)
  • Part 1 (On DVD)
  • Part 2 (On DVD)
  • Dezul Who (Lost) (Image Found)
  • Percee und the Antsz (Lost) (Image Found)
  • Dezul’s DirecTV Capers (Lost) (Image Found)
  • Prelude (Lost) (Image Found)
  • Tax Trouble (Partially Found, Audio)
  • Dezul and the Feminist (Lost)
  • Sausage Party (Lost)
  • Dezul and the Serch for Teh Qwest of Teh Magec Injin Thet iz Nawt Relevent too teh Plott (Lost) (Images found)
  • The Missing Roach (Cancelled)


  • Dezul - The main character of the series who has a brother named Fezul who was cancelled because of the show’s short run.
  • Tomas - Spoof of Thomas, though with a typo. His debut name was “HiTler”.
  • Marcus/Percee - Spoof of Percy however his name changed throughout episodes.
  • James With a Mustache - Spoof of James but he’s Italian, has a passion for pizza and breadsticks. He also has a twin brother named Silvio who was also canned.
  • Sausage - Spoof of Diesel 10, his claw is named “Grabby” instead of “Pinchy”.
  • Emily - A purple recolour of Tomas, despite her name she was the show’s first original character, she had an affair with Dezul. She is also Italian and she is the mother of Jared.However she was sadly killed alongside Skala in a tragic Helicopter incident involving Rob.
  • Toby - Spoof of Toby who believes in Santa Claus and thinks he can count.
  • Rob- Spoof of Harold. However he Drinks and flies wrecklessly, His misadventures lead to Emily and Skala’s Firey demise. His name on his side reads Fred instead of Rob because a drunken workman painted it on.
  • Greg - not to be confused with the main character of “Diary of a wimpy kid” Greg is a Canadian animator based on one of the directors of the first few CGI seasons of Thomas and Friends. He loves Raises but hates taxes, He is one of the only characters who we don’t have a picture of.
  • Skala - Skala is a spoof of Christopher Skala, one of the producers of the CGI seasons of Thomas and Friends. He died alongside Emily in a tragic Helicopter incident involving Rob. His remains were eaten by ants in “Percee und the Antsz”.
  • The Morbidly Obese Controller/Juan Sanchez - Spoof of Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller” however his nationality is changed from British to Hispanic. He has a private engine called “Pedro”. He spends most of his time telling people how his Grandmother used to beat him.
  • Jared Story - The egg child of Dezul and Emily. Jared’s favourite hobbies include Smoking refeer and eating toast.
  • Sanford - A giant sun who talks with the other injuns on Sodor. He didn’t have a face in the first Season but he gained a Mock Hitler face with a Swastika, he then gained a Human face.
  • Portar - Spoof of Porter. He is very out of scale.
  • Tim - The villain of the series who focuses on Cats and moonpies.
  • Big Daddy - A moon who talks to the injuns while Sanford is asleep.
  • Ants - Red fire ants who terrorise the injuns. They are run by Chief Gof#ckyoselfie. They attacked Percee in “Percee und the Antsz”. They are very fond of Burned things, like Skala’s remains
  • Chief Gof#ckayoselfie - The leader of the Ants who also has a casino.
  • Derrkit Teevi Installur - Man who installed Dezul’s satellite dish, which caused his shed to leak.
  • Harper - Canadian tank injun who hates liberals and the French.

Cancelled Characters

  • Borat - a Kazakh injun based off the Sacha Baron Cohen character of the same name
  • Revilo - Spoof of Oliver but his name is spelt backwards and his brake van is called “Frog” instead of “Toad”.
  • Frog - Spoof of Toad however he is named after another amphibian.
  • Pedro - The Morbidly Obese Controller’s private engine, Pedro’s jobs include collecting welfare checks and selling dirty tacos.
  • Goose - Spoof of Duck, he doesn’t have a picture on the wiki.
  • Honk - Spoof of Hank, However this time he has troubles controlling his bladder
  • Bubba - Was meant to be one of the “diverse” characters.
  • Chink-Ho - Asian tank injun who celebrates Chinese new year by lighting flatbeds on fire.
  • Count Von Spooken - Large garrat injun brought in to help with the goods work.


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Part of the audio of one episode has been found in a PercyandDuckfan94 video called “Mr Bump forgets to do his tax forms”