If you were in the Thomas fandom from 2011 to early 2016 you will most likely of heard the name "Dezul and Fwinds" before. For the unaware, Dezul and Fwinds was a poorly made spoof of the 1984's Kids TV show Thomas and Friends, however the main antagonist is the main character. Anything badly done, vulgar or offensive was intentional because it was one of those videos that are meant to terrible on purpose.

The series only had a few people working on it UnknownThomasFan1, FattHatt, Tug97 etc.

The first episode was released in 2011 and was called HiTler, UnknownThomasFan1 was going to make the Episode 1 an one off project but people loved it so much that he started to make more episodes.

Many changes were made to the show to make it different from Thomas the Tank Engine, From character names to various other things. For example James has a mustache and is Italian. Another thing different is that Gordon, Henry Edward and various other Characters are missing.  Season one can be found on DVD but the series was made private by UnknownThomasFan1 himself for currently "Unknown" reasons. No episodes have resurfaced but a Prototype for the planned Season 3 intro is online and can be seen on FattHatt's channel. Speaking of FattHatt he also uploaded a similar series called "Tim and acquaintances" however that can be still be viewed. That series only lasted 3 episodes because FattHatt lost the files.

As of 2020 No episodes or clips have resurfaced but someone can put the season 1 DVD online, all we can do is hope.


The Dezul and Fwinds wiki https://dezulandfwinds.fandom.com/wiki/Dezul_and_Fwinds_Wiki

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