On December 2, 2012, That Guy With the Glasses contributor Diamanda Hagan, known for her reviews of obscure and often violent or sexually charged independent/exploitation films, posted the first of a special trilogy featuring the works of filmmaker Bill Zebub, beginning with his 2008 film Forgive Me For Raping You. A video of production flubs from the making of the review was posted later the same day. 

After posting the review, Hagan was contacted by her hosting service Blip. While Hagan had edited clips of the film to comply with Blip's terms of service, the film's title was causing "serious trouble" for them after an advertiser threatened to pull their support. To solve the problem, Hagan removed the review and flubs on December 5, 2012. In a note to viewers, she briefly explained the situation and stressed that there had been no pressure from either Blip or the filmmakers to remove the review, but that she had done so voluntarily to avoid further issues. Her explanation included a link to an unauthorized third-party mirror of the review hosted off Blip, but this mirror was also deleted for unknown reasons shortly thereafter. Beyond Hagan's personal copy, the review and its accompanying flubs video were officially lost from the internet. The other two videos in Hagan's Bill Zebub series remain available.

In August 2014, Hagan announced that the review, plus the flub reel, would be available to contributors to her Patreon. It is possible that one of these contributors will eventually leak the review to the Internet. Until or unless that happens, the two videos remain lost.

UPDATE 3/22/15: The review has been found, as an unlisted video on her YouTube account! Special thanks to the contributor who was fortunate enough to dig it up!

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