Digimon Adventure (Japanese: デジモンアドベンチャー, Hepburn: Dejimon Adobenchā), known as Digimon: Digital Monsters in English-speaking territories, is a 1999 Japanese anime television series created by Akiyoshi Hongo, and produced by Toei Animation in cooperation with WiZ, Bandai and Fuji Television. It is the first anime series in the Digimon media franchise, based on the Digital Monster virtual pet toy line. It was basically supposed to be a competition to cash on the worldwide success of the Pokémon franchise.

There is a French dub that is known to exist, rarely any information on this dub is known to exist. As rarely any videos or screenshots of the dub are seen online, it has been known to air in France, but it's currently whether unknown if it aired in Quebec.

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