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Dikkie Dik Puppets (Bagpuss in the UK) is a British Stop-Motion series based off the book series of the same name by Jet Boeke. It has been very popular especially in Italy where even Hi! Bagpuss was dubbed. It was aired on PBS in the US from 1972 to 1974, but did you know that there made puppets of the series? The puppets premiered on Nederland 1 and later on Fox Kids and Jetix Play in the Netherlands and VTM (later VTM's TamTam block) on both February 1, 2003 and March 1, 2003 respectively and ended sometime between 2004 to the mid 2000s, in the Netherlands, 104 of the segments were aired in the Netherlands and only 52 segments in Belgium, according to the Kijkwijzer page for those Dikkie Dik puppets, the puppets was produced by NOS, The pilot was not released on DVD, information on the pilot of those puppets is scarce, according to Dikkie Dik it aired in the Netherlands on Saturday and Sunday mornings on 9:15 eastern European time, the Belgian airtime is unknown. Jet Boeke made the first Dikkie Dik picture book for the television program Sesamstraat (Dutch Sesame Street). Dikkie Dik first appeared on television on March 3, 1978. Since then, he has stolen the hearts of toddlers, preschoolers and their parents and has become an indispensable part of Dutch culture.

Over the past 40 years, Jet Boeke illustrated and wrote hundreds of stories. Publisher Gottmer published the first Dikkie Dik book in 1983 and millions of books have now been sold. Almost every household in the Netherlands has at least one Dikkie Dik book.

Jet Boeke about the origins of Dikkie Dik: "After my education, I traveled through the United States for two years. There I saw the children's program Sesamstraat and I was immediately very enthusiastic about it. Back in the Netherlands, it turned out that Sesamstraat had just started here. I contacted the program makers. "Come up with an idea," they said. There was enough material for children of about six years old (much of it still comes from America), so it was obvious to make something for the youngest viewers. What do toddlers like? To be read! So I suggested making picture books that would then be read on television. The idea was approved."

As of now there is no footage.

DD Puppets proof

the dikkie dik puppets had found a dvd, dumpster of RCV had found a dikkie dik puppets pilot from 1979 on DVD, just keep it sealed, this is unreal, like i found on the Just entertainment's dumpster featuring 4 sealed barney dutch dvds


  • NPO 1 Version
  • Fox Kids and Jetix Play version
  • VTM TamTam version



His Mouses

What he looks like in dikkie dik puppets