Lost Media Archive

The Dilbert VRML cartoons were cartoons from the mid-1990's, created in the old Virtual Reality Markup Language, now known as Virtual Reality Modelling Language.


Approximately 45 .wrl episodes are known to exist[1][2][3][4][5]. This includes:

  • Accomplishments
  • Art Consultant
  • Boss Zone Part One
  • Boss Zone Part Two
  • Business Model
  • Cat Throw
  • Computer Upgrade
  • Cooler Acronym
  • Cubicle Warrior
  • Death Spiral
  • Decision Making
  • Demons of Stupidity
  • "Deprivation Chamber"
  • Dogbert: Creativity Consultant
  • Dogbertland
  • Executive Decision
  • Foot Rest
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Getting Promoted
  • Gym Teacher
  • I Hate Flies
  • Immune To Mirth
  • Impress Your Boss
  • I Think Therefore I Am
  • Lava Lamp
  • Life
  • Loud Dog
  • Management Techniques
  • Moonlit Walks
  • Performance Review
  • Productivity
  • Project Plan
  • Pure Mind Power
  • "Q" Part One
  • "Q" Part Two
  • Shift Happens
  • Skull Cough
  • Speed of Light
  • Status Reports
  • Stupidity Diviner
  • Tech Recommendation
  • Telecommuting
  • The Hobby
  • Time Flies
  • Time Manager

The .wrl files on the Wayback Machine can be played using a VRML browser, such as (to a degree) FreeVRML. Unfortunately, the audio doesn't seem to have been archived except for one episode (Episode 15 "I Think Therefore I Am": [1]).


The company that created each episode, Protozoa Inc., may have hosted the episodes for a time[6][7]. Unfortunately, the company's website currently blocks the Wayback Machine (as of 2015-02-21).

This is the contents of the info tag in "s15.wrl":

"Copyright 1997 Protozoa Inc.

Created using Protozoa's ALIVE!

For more information, please contact:
Protozoa Inc.
2727 Mariposa
San Francisco, CA, 94110
Mike Morasky (Director)
Terry Franguiadakis (Technical Lead)
Jane White (Exec. Producer)
Sally Syberg (Producer)
Tom Laskawy (Line Producer)
Mike Morasky (Dilbert and Boss Performance Animation)
Tracey Roberts, Ken Whitaker (3D Modeling)
Sally Syberg (Dogbert Performance Animation)
Dan X Hanna, Kelly Kleider, Mike Morasky, Emre Yilmaz, Terry Franguiadakis (Scene Setup, Animation)
Steve Rein (Sound FX)

Brad DeGraf (Protozoa President )"