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Dinosaucers is a 1987 animated television series co-produced in the United States and Canada, produced by DIC Animation City and distributed in syndication in the US by Coca-Cola Telecommunications. The show was created by producer Michael E. Uslan, who considered it a "hairbained idea". A total of 65 episodes were made for the show's first-run syndication, but it only lasted one season.

In Brazil, the show debuted on Rede Globo in the late 80s on the children's program Xou da Xuxa, where it was one of the most popular cartoons in the program, even deriving a line of toys that was never launched on the American market. The series later aired on Rede Record in the early 90s, for a short time. Since then it has never returned to have reruns on any other TV channel or be made available on streaming services.

In 2014 two episodes (Divide and Conquer and Be Prepared) were found for download in the internet. In 2017 more episodes of the animation were found in the Brazilian dub and made available on a channel on Dailymotion. In total only 11 episodes have been found so far.

Found Episodes

  • 5- Divide and Conquer
  • 7- Burgers Up!
  • 8- Be Prepared
  • 9- That Shrinking Feeling
  • 10- Rockin' Reptiles
  • 11- Sleeping Booty
  • 14- Defective Defector
  • 15- For the Love of Teryx
  • 21- The Truth About Dragons
  • 22- Chariots of the Dinosaucers
  • 26- Inquiring Minds