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Disney's The Wuzzles is an American animated television series created for Saturday morning television, and was first broadcast on September 14, 1985 on CBS. An idea of Michael Eisner for his new Disney television animation studio, the Wuzzles are animal creatures composed of half of one animal and half of another. Only 13 episodes of Wuzzles were produced, making it one of the shortest running animated series produced by Disney. A second season was planned to be made, but the future episodes were never made due to the death of Bill Scott (the voice of Moosel). Scott's death, however, did not stop a second season of Adventures of the Gummi Bears, which also starred Bill Scott and premiered the same day as The Wuzzles. One season later, The Wuzzles moved to ABC (which was eventually sold to Disney) for reruns, and disappeared from network television after that.

About the Arabic Version

When the Arabic Disney Channel opened in the Middle East in 1997, various Disney shows and series were dubbed in Arabic to fit with the Middle Eastern viewers, some of those show survived and were released officially by Disney on VHS' and DVDs, and some of the were recorded and uploaded on the internet publicly, but lots of other shows and series got lost with the time after all the channels stopped showing them, and one of those lost Arabic dubbed shows was The Wuzzles. Until this day, not a single episode of the Arabic dubbed version of the show was found. The only thing about the Arabic dub of that show that surfaced was an old, early 90's Disney Channel Middle East promo recorded on a VHS and uploaded on YouTube.

Missing Episodes in Arabic

Episode Title Additional Info
1 - "Bulls of a Feather" Lost
2 - "Hooray for Hollywuz" Lost
3 - "In the Money" Lost
4 - "Crock Around the Clock" Lost
5 - "Moosel's Monster" Lost
6 - "Klutz on the Clutch" Lost
7 - "Bumblelion and the Terrified Forest" Lost
8 - "Eleroo's Wishday" Lost
9 - "Ghostrustlers" Lost
10 - "A Pest for a Pet" Lost
11 - "The Main Course" Lost
12 - "Class Dismissed" Lost
13 - "What's Up, Stox?" Lost