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"Disney Game Downloads" is a paid game service to compete with its rivals Nickelodeon's NickArcade and Cartoon Network's PowerPlay, launched in 2005 and remained on the air until 2008. Several casual games were released for download with its characters.


All Disney Game Downloads games were free demos for 20 or 30 minutes, cost between $9.95 and $19.95 after the game timeout expired. DGD also had another service called ''"Disney's Game Café" and offered casual games in the style of RealArcade and GameHouse. DGD also had a website in the UK with their exclusive games, they are: "Disney's Toytopia" and "Disney's Mini Golf".

DGD and DGC had been shut down in 2008, along with the "Toytopia" online server.


After the closure of DGD and DGC, their games could be purchased via the "Gamesrocket" website on their Disney listings, a while later, Gamesrocket listed DGD games as "SOLD OUT". all your games were lost from the media and becoming obscure. All of games where found on this site list:

  • hellopcgames.net
  • LegendsWorld
  • xz7.com
  • Smallgames
  • Kidsdown
  • GameNext
  • eMule

The "Toytopia" and "Mermaid Pinball" game deos installation files were uploaded by archive.org user "ComradeNapCal". Disney's Mini Golf was found on a Spanish site called "Los Juegos Del Magico Nico" by LMW user "raemond", the game has the English translations and critically, the Editor's translation needs to be recreated. The Game remains playable, but technically, partially found.

Recently in April 2021, TOMYSSHADOW removed the time limit on the "Toytopia" and "Mermaid Pinball" games. Games can be downloaded through the "Mega.nz" folder.


1 Aladdin Magic Carpet Racing Found
2 Aladdin Pinball Found
3 Disney Cuties Crazy Daze Found
4 Disney Princess Castle Party Found
5 Disney's Disoku Apprentice Found
6 Disney's Disoku Master Found
7 Disney's Mini Golf [UK Exclusive] Partially Lost
8 Disney's ToyTopia [UK Exclusive] Found
9 Disney's Trivia Time Found
10 Kim Possible: Legend of the Monkey's Eye Found
11 The Lion King Grubalicious Found
12 Little Mermaid Bubble Blast Found
13 Mermaid Pinball Found
14 Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball Found
15 Stitch's Blazing Lasers Found

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