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Disney Junior is an American pay television network owned by the Disney General Entertainment Content unit of The Walt Disney Company through Disney Branded Television. Aimed mainly at children 2–7 years old, its programming consists of original first-run television series, theatrically-released and home media-exclusive movies and select other third-party programming.

As of January 2016, the channel is available to 74.0 million households in the U.S.

In 2011, Disney Junior started airing bumpers/ID's in between shows and during credits where mouse-shaped icons with their shows characters on them (a.k.a Mouseheads). They usually involve one of the heads getting into a problem (eg. spilling paint by accident) with the bumper going on a cliffhanger and cuts to a ''Coming Up'' bumper for a show. Then during the commercial breaks the story continues with them trying to solve the problem or continuing a game their playing, then after a few more advertisements, the story continues with them solving the problem or ending the game, then cutting to a ''NOW'' bumper for the show that would be playing then.

This continued until 2014 or so when they discontinued the shorts (however seemingly only in the US.) possibly due to some of the shows shown in the bumpers were either cancelled or were gone from syndication on the network, However they still stayed in certain countries like Japan until a currently unknown date, However, some bumpers are either partially found or lost completely.

Lost/Partially Found/Found bumpers


''Treasure'' (English) - Manny and his friends are trying to find a treasure chest but can't find it anywhere.

Back to School - Jake, the Little Einsteins, Mickey, Oso, & Manny are getting ready to go back to school and count 3 backpacks.


Paint - Mickey, Manny, and Oso are having a art class, but Oso accidentally spills the paint all over the place. The first part was lost.


Hide and Seek - Manny and the Chuggers are trying to find Elevan & Zooter in a game of hide and seek.

Paint - Mickey, Manny, and Oso are having a art class, but Oso accidentally spills the paint all over the place. The second part was found.

''Treasure'' (Castilian Spanish) - Manny and his friends are trying to find a treasure chest but can't find it anywhere.

Boat Rescue - Oso wants to get to the other side to play with the others, but he is at the opposite side of the gang, so the others build a boat to rescue him.

Tag - Timmy & the Chuggers play a game of tag in a desert, and despite the Chuggers hiding attempts, Timmy always catches them.

Wake Up - Mickey desperately tries to wake the others up, but they don't even move a muscle.

Music - Mickey, Oso, Manny & Jake are singing and dancing.

Sleepytime - The gang are getting ready to sleep, but are they really sound asleep?

Maze - Manny & Elevan and Zooter are playing baseball, but they lose it in a maze and they try to retrieve it.

Sky High - Mickey, Manny, & Oso are building a seesaw, but then they accidentally send Oso flying to the sky.

Patterns - Mickey takes Manny to a pattern maker, where he tries on patterns.

Non-3/2-parter bumpers

Bumpers that weren't in parts that were just bumpers played in between programming.

Middle - The gang are meeting in the middle at the playground.

Puzzle (Japan only) - The Mouseheads make a puzzle by changing their places and end up making a character from a show.

Forest Fun - Mickey, Oso, Jake & others are in a forest, and slide on logs, and do other fun things.

Park - Possibly unused, Many various characters play in the park. (Pretty self-explanatory.)


You can find most of the shorts on this video i made:


The Maze bumper (Part 1 and 2):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjTIl7Ws9aw (Italy Version)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VugnHWF7gg (at 3:48-4:39)

Another version of the Middle bumper is at 10:09 on this video:


The Paint bumper (Part 2)



Ale Lionel Gomez & Donut Smasher for the Maze bumpers.

Torin tinder's for the second part of "Paint".

Alib Cool for the other Middle bumper.

Myself for the shorts compilation.