From 2011, Disney Junior UK aired "Coming Up Next" bumpers, which are now lost due to their replacement by a new set of bumpers on October 31st, 2019.


Since 2018, a few of the bumpers have been uploaded to YouTube, but the majority remain lost.


  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Coming Up Bumper 2018 (Lost)
  • The Bananas Coming Up Bumper 2018 (Lost)
  • Special Agent Oso Coming Up Bumper 2018 (Found)
  • Rollie Pollie Ollie Coming Up Bumper 2018 (Found)
  • Jungle Junction Coming Up Bumper 2019 (Lost)


Animal mechanicals bumper

Miles from tommorow land bumper

The hive bumper

Screenshot of the Curious George bumper

Screenshot Of The Jungle Junction Bumper.

Screenshot From The Agent Oso Bumper.

Screenshot Of The Robot Bumper.

Another Screenshot From An Agent Oso Bumper.

Screenshot Of A Mickey Bumper.

Screenshot Of The Mr Moon Bumper.

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