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Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice

"Not Ready To Make Nice", their 2006 song featuring the quote "Shut up and sing or your life is over".

In 2003, shortly after Former President Of The United States George W. Bush declared war on Iraq, American country music band, Dixie Chicks spoke out strongly against it. Lead vocalist, Natalie Maines held a public hearing in London 10 days before the invasion stating she was ashamed to be from the same state as Bush. Country music fans ridiculed the band, calling them "traitors". This resulted in a massive drop in sales and sponsorship, a new interest and respect from non-country music fans in the left-wing, and a short-lived humorous rivalry with Toby Keith. Their record label forced Maines to make a public statement apologizing for her comments against Bush. By the time she did this, however, it was far too late.

Many fans responded with vitriolic angry hatemail. One particularly angry fan whose identity has yet to be confirmed wrote a rather graphic letter detailing a death threat. He made the circumstances of how he was going to kill her very specific. He had a method, location, date, and weapon in mind, with one known quote reading "You will be shot dead at your show in Dallas", referring to an upcoming scheduled Dixie Chicks performance not long away. Very understandably frightened, Maines decided to add extra security to her public appearances and when the aforementioned Dallas concert was subsequently held, the band were escorted in and out by police; thankfully, no attempts were made to harm them. The threat played a major role in the band's lengthy hiatus.

Maines has never allowed the letter to leak, and, despite immense pressure, has never shown it to members of the press. No copies have surfaced online. She has commented on it, saying she will never let anyone see it because of its "bone-chilling" graphic nature. The only other released content known to be from the letter are a few words contained in the lyrics to their 2006 hit "Not Ready To Make Nice" (those words being "Shut up and sing or your life will be over"). It is possible that she reworded the quote to fit into the song so they might not even actually be part of the letter. It is not known if Maines or the FBI currently hold a copy of the letter.