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Taking the Long Way album art.

After the success of their 2002 album, Home, and the controversy surrounding them after the start of the Second Gulf War, American country music band The Chicks (Originally The Dixie Chicks, the name they were using at the time these songs were supposedly recorded), took a long, much deserved break. In 2005, they returned to the recording studio with an angrier, much more bleak musical output. The resulting studio album, Taking the Long Way, polarized critics at the time, but is now looked at as the Chicks' second best album (behind Home).

The album had an unusually large song selection that left a few tracks on the studio floor. Four confirmed tracks are listed on the album's Wikipedia page: "Come Cryin' To Me", "Baby Love", "Flowers", and "Whatever it Takes". Of these songs, only "Whatever it Takes" was performed live. A live version of the song was even available on YouTube for a couple of years before it was removed for copyright violation.

None of these songs have surfaced, even on bootlegs. It is theorized that it is because of studio problems and album space that the songs were never released. Natalie Maines, the band's lead vocalist, has apparently played two of the songs during a couple of performances during her solo career. Unfortunately, no recordings of her performing them solo are known to exist, either. The best bet to hear these tracks is to wait for the album to either be re-issued, or for the studio to stop sitting on them.