Doja Cat - Like That (Original Music Video)
Official music video for the song.
Partially Found

Like That

Differences in original cut

  • The video starts with the words "Like That" being seen, then it zooms in on the A and Doja starts dancing with her dancers.
  • A scene with Doja showing off a pink suit that looks very similar to the one Britney Spears wore in her "Oops, I Did It Again" music video standing behind a light green background is used.
  • The scene where Doja is dressed in a white gym outfit with black hair features a red ceiling instead of a space ceiling.
    • Also, The scene with her in the same outfit in a car with Gucci Mane has a much darker red background.
    • Speaking of Gucci Mane, he lip syncs his lyrics in the original cut much different than the original.
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