Team Doki: From Past to Present (Also known as Team Doki: From Past To Presents or Doki from past to present) is a special of the Canadian animated series Doki, which first aired in 2015. The special has many dubs that are hard to find, which are listed below.

List of Lost Dubs

  • Latin Spanish

List of Partially Found Dubs

List of Found Dubs


  • UPDATE 1 (OCTOBER 27, 2019): According to Dokipedia, the name of the song at the end of the special is "We're Friends Through and Through" in English. (Written by Boyincharge55)
  • UPDATE 2 (OCTOBER 27, 2019): Elliottwiki12345 found the LEGITIMATE complete version of the special in Brazilian Portuguese! (Written by Boyincharge55)
  • UPDATE 3 (OCTOBER 27, 2019): Elliottwiki12345 also found the special in English! (Written by Boyincharge55)
  • UPDATE 4 (OCTOBER 28, 2019): False alarm for the Latin Spanish dub, takes you to a "Pay to watch" website. (Written by Elliottwiki12345)
  • UPDATE 5 (OCTOBER 29, 2019): Me (Elliottwiki12345) and Boyincharge55 are working on a website where people join to find the missing dubs, Me and Boyincharge55 are talking about it. (Written by Elliottwiki12345)
  • UPDATE 6 (OCTOBER 29, 2019): We will be working on the site possibly tomorrow, Probably when Boyincharge55 has the time. (Written by Elliottwiki12345)
  • UPDATE 7 (OCTOBER 29, 2019): AutismProud might find the Latin Spanish dub, Since Doki still airs on Discovery Kids Brazil and Latin America, He can record the Latin Spanish dub on Discovery Kids Brazil if he changes the language on his TV, Doki airs on Discovery Kids Brazil (Or Latin America) at Midnight. (Written by Elliottwiki12345)
  • UPDATE 8 (OCTOBER 30, 2019): The site might be live either in the Afternoon or Evening, He hasn't answered me what time are we going to do it, The last time he replied was yetserday, We will be still working on the site, but it's all up to Boyincharge55. (Written by Elliottwiki12345)
  • UPDATE 9 (OCTOBER 30, 2019): Still nothing, I don't even think that we will be working on the site today, It's all up to him if he wants to do it today or tomorrow. (Written by Elliottwiki12345)
  • UPDATE 10 (OCTOBER 30, 2019): Now, Me and possibly Boyincharge55 are probably working on the site now, It might go live on Halloween. (Written by Elliottwiki12345)
  • UPDATE 11 (OCTOBER 31, 2019): Guys, I don't know what is up with Boyincharge55, He is always online around 8 pm-10 pm, I think that the Project Team Doki will be delayed, Last update, I said that it will go live on Halloween, But it never came. (Written by Elliottwiki12345)
  • UPDATE 12 (NOVEMBER 1, 2019): I made the site live guys, Hope Boyincharge55 works on the website when he has the time. (Written by Elliottwiki12345)

Titles for the special

If you want to help us search the dubs, here are the names of the dubs!

  • Latin Spanish: Doki viaja en el tiempo
  • Hebrew: חגיגות השנה הראשונה
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Doki do Passado aos Presentes (If you want to find the Brazilian Portuguese version without the Doki border!)
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