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Doki Discovers (Doki Descubre) is a segment of Discovery Kids Latin America made in 2006-2013 that was one of the first appereances from Doki

"Doki Discovers: How is cheese made?" is a found short of this segment. It was first heard of when a user on a video about Doki Discovers commented how he remembers one short of Doki Discovers where Doki is taught by a cow how cheese is made, however a lot of people said they never watched it, even the people who when they were kids watched Discovery Kids a TON never saw or heard of that specific short, they thought it was fake because it was never aired, some people thought he confused it with an episode from the newly released Doki series. (the comment was made in 2013, shortly after the new era of discovery kids came out and shortly after the release of the series, which in one episode they were discovering how cheese was made, the same plot as that segment but instead of a cow teaching doki how cheese is made it's a bunch of other characters explaining to doki and friends how cheese is made.) So people thought it was just mandela effect or that he made it up.

Is what people thought. But mysteriously a user was watching oay4dktv, when they found that short. It appears that short aired in Discovery Kids en Español (now known as discovery familia.). Discovery Kids en Español was a channel for hispanics living in USA, and it seems it aired there only and not in Discovery Kids Latin America or Brasil. So it solved the mystery on why several people didn't see or hear of it until that comment, the person who commented the comment saying he saw the short must have been a hispanic living in USA. The link to the short is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZZSAM3dALs

Note: Only the Spanish version exists, so if someone says a portuguese version that aired on Discovery Kids Brasil exists and they saw it, they are lying.