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どんどんドメルとロン Don-Don Domeru/Domel to Ron is an anime based off the Belgian comic series Cubitus, created by the late Dupa, the series aired on TV Tokyo from April 5, 1988 to March 27, 1989, the series had 52 episodes with 104 segments each, and was produced by Telecable Benelux BV (now known as Telescreen) and J.C. Staff.

During 1994 and 1995, the series aired reruns (at 8 o'clock in the morning).

The series was not released on VHS, Betamax, DVD or LaserDisc in Japan, though the series did get VHS releases in the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, the series also got a DVD release in France.

The original Japanese version is entirely lost outside of the intro, the credits and a sponsorship message, though various dubs of the show are available with all episodes dubbed.

There was an Arabic dub, which was dubbed in Jordan, and released throughout the Arab world during the 90s; this version was named Ka'abool (Arabic: كعبول)., which still has a cult following in the region and several episodes of the dub are widely available online at sites like Youtube.[1]


  • Naoki Tatsuta - ドメル (Domeru)
  • Kaneta Kimotsuki - ロン (Ron)
  • Rika Matsumoto - ブラッキー (Burakkī)
  • Mīna Tominaga - チェリー (Cherī)



Orignal Ending Credits and Orginal Opening in Poland


(どんどんドメルとロン) - Japanese Outro


Orginal Promo (1988)

Original Japanese Promo (1988)


Domel to Ron Theme Music (1988)


Orignal Japanese Intro in Poland


(どんどんドメルとロン) - Japanese Intro