Doombugs is a 16K ZX Spectrum action game developed by Jim Scarlett, & published by Work Force in the year of 1983. The game is similar to Centipede by Atari, but has noticeable differences. There are 2 screens. The first one has the hero of the game, Tarant Tula's head. There's also a batch of honey for the bugs to devour through. However though, Tarant must take several bits of honey in order to go through each door. There are little round creatures called Grubbers that wander around the place. Once they meet,  a green creature called the Bubbergrubber is formed. These also eat honey, & should 2 of these meet would form a Red Backed Grubber. All of these could kill Tarant if they were to catch him. The aim of the game is to get through the trap door before a single Red Back is formed. He does have the ability to eat Grubber, & Bubbergrubbers. Once through that, Tarant is then sent into a maze with 3 Red Backs. If Tarant gets through there safely, he would arrive in another lair where the bugs would breed quicker. So far, no copies of the game have surfaced, & no ROMs have either.

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