The kids' show "Dora the Explorer" had 1 pilot episode. released on June 12, 1999

"Pilot Episode"

The embedded video on this page has been blocked by B_Viacom. However, the full pilot is available for viewing in this archive. Download the .rar file in the download options on the right of the page. This contains the media discussed on this page along with other relevant materials.

Known Info


Dora and Boots find a way to get to the beach.


Dora (debut) Found Pilot

Boots (debut)

Backpack (debut)

Map (debut)

Swiper (debut)

Benny (debut)

Tico (debut)


"Test Pilot"

This pilot can be found online, however, the audio (if any exists) is unavailable.


  • Dora has the final design, however, Boots still isn't the same as the final.
    Dora The Explorer Test Pilot (1999)

    Dora The Explorer Test Pilot (1999)

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