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Alleged trailer

Alleged trailer.

In 1994, in Europe, a very obscure movie which title roughly translates to Dr. Fry and The Delicious Cup was allegedly put into video stores. It is rumored that only one hundred copies of the movie exist, as it was of rather poor quality. Copies of the movie were so far only spotted in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Macedonia and Germany. Only one piece of footage resurfaced - a 1994 VHS ad for the movie that was put on a tape before another obscure VHS movie, if one does trust a man that swore he got a Sailor Moon VHS with ad for Dr.Fry on it.

The trailer itself

The trailer showcases various videos of primates with a narrator over them. Words seem like gibberish, but few are almost understandable. Some of the videos are questionable in nature, as they show grossly obese spidermonkey, close-up of a pet gibbon and a controversial pet slow loris. Viewing of the trailer is rather disturbing, due to how weirdly deformed and sometimes depicts unintetional animal cruelty.


The author of the movie is said to be a Serbian zoo worker "M. Steguna", as the movie was called "M.Steguna's Affe Kuchen-Mix" in Germany, only German version is oficially known to be called by this name.

Movie description

Steguna used footage of various documentaries and movies, cut together and put into a movie (much like the infamous "Turkish Star Wars") along with new footage. Identified footage from other movies is a flipped-horizontally ABC documentary about primate obesity, presumably a fragment of Zulu Gula, and then-recently released live-action Jungle Book, althrough no footage of such usage exists at this point. Basically the movie is a giant mess of cluttered home movies filmed with Steguna's slow lori, primates at his zoo and various then-released movies. The "plot" is that palm oil ruins the jungle, and four monkeys have to find the "mysterious Delicious Cup" which is a giant waffle cup that actually produces palm oil food products without need to use palm oil. Basically it was like Ferngully, but much more bizzare. The main villain was "played" using stock footage of Zulu Gula, an obscure slavic sitcom. Other characters included the siamang, the slow lori, baby gibbon, a chimpanzee and an unknown species of guenon, called for some reason the "Mecenas ds. LPM". So far only the trailer has surfaced, and the founder of the movie has yet to upload more scenes from it, but from his descriptions the movie is basically overdubbing a voiceover to all those movies and nature documentaries, similiar to the British comedy show "Walk on the Wild Side", except - quoting the founder - "Much, much worse, and very f***king creepy with a pedo polack voicing all the character".

Update 19.03.2017:

The movie turned out to be a hoax and a satire of enviromental movies aimed at children, as admitted by Żeberka Hannibala.

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