In the 1980s, a Los Angles based company called Harmony Gold USA attempted to bring Akira Toriyama's Dr. Slump to the American audiences. The first episode was only dubbed and was pitched but was never picked up. A video of this was uploaded once to YouTube before it was taken down by Toei Animation. Only a couple second clips from this can be viewed there. Recently, the whole episode of the pilot was uploaded to DailyMotion by user toadfan979797.

English Voice Cast

  • Robert Axelrod - Cop 1, Frog
  • Arlene Banas - Butch
  • Robert V. Barron - Frankenstein, Coach 2, Polar Bear
  • Lara Cody - Arale Slump
  • Bryan Cranston - Cop 2, Pencil Fowl, Coach 1, Rooster
  • Wendee Lee - Tammy le Fox, Female Student
  • Ted Lehmann - P.A. Pig
  • Robin Levenson - Buddy
  • Kris Noel Pearson - Sandy
  • Mike Reynolds - Principal
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