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Akira Toriyama's most famous manga series before dragon ball Dr.slump was quite the popularity in japan and it was assumed to never have an English dub, enter harmony gold known for their lost dragon ball dub little was known but they in fact also dubbed Toriyama's Dr.slump as well.


-Taro is renamed "Butch"

-Akane is renamed "Sandy"

-The episode title cards are skipped although title card two can be seen for a frame before senbei and arale enter the school office

-The ending credits are shown but the vocal track is missing making for an instrumental

-The scene where arale tests her facial expressions is changed to show that she is correct instead of wrong.

-Lost in translation is arale's name, in the original slump/senbei mutters "ah ah ah" when trying to come up with arale's name resulting in her name while in this one she just exclaims her name as arale

-The scene where arale wakes up slump\senbei by feeding him a grenade is modified to make it seem like arale fed slump\senbei a hot peeper

-Miss yamabuki is renamed (miss) "Tammie fox"

-Peaske is renamed "buddy"

-Tori bird's lines are changed completely

-Aoi (Akane's/Sandy's sister) 's name is changed to Lola

-Arale's eye test scene is skipped obviously due to their being a joke where arale reads out "S-H-I" before slump yells stop.