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Dragnet is a 1950s radio and TV series created by Jack Webb, who stars in the series as Joe Friday. There are any number of lost episodes in this series, the most famous of which is "The Big Impostor," which tells the story of the same case depicted in the 2008 film The Changeling. The radio version of this episode still exists but the TV version is lost.

Synopsis of the Big Impostor

The grandson of a respected male citizen of San Francisco goes missing; Joe Friday and his partner investigate and apparently the missing boy is located and brought back to San Francisco soon afterward. However, this boy turns out to be an impostor and not the real grandson at all; he has an appendix scar the missing boy did not have. Eventually, the body of the real grandson is found, and a man is arrested and convicted of murder.


- In real life, the boy's adult relative was his mother, as seen in the 2008 film.

- The boy was apparently voiced by Billie May Richards, a Canadian actress, in the radio version.

- It is unknown who portrayed him in the TV version.