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 Drake & Josh was an sitcom that ran from 2004 to 2007 on Nickelodeon. There is an unknown scene shown during the opening theme.


Gif of the deleted scene

Fans have wondered which episode the scene was from. The scene, appearing in the Season 1 and 2 openings, depicts Walter, Audrey, and Megan standing in the living room whilst tennis balls in front of them, causing Megan to flinch. The background turns out to be an earlier version of the left side of the living room. Some fans have theorized this episode to be from the Unaired Pilot episode while others suggest that it was cut from an aired episode. To this day it is unknown which episode the scene is from.


  • Fans suggest this scene is from the unaired pilot, which is bull dirt, considering the fact that a different actor portrayed Walter. However, Drake himself stated in a Josh Peck video that they made 2 pilots with another dad, referring to Stephen Furst.