Dream Street was a British children's television series that ran from 6 May 1999 to 2002 on CITV. The show was narrated by British comedian Russ Abbot, and was aimed at children aged from 2 to 7. The show featured talking toy vehicles, which were radio controlled in real time. The series aired back on CiTV around 2008.


The missing episodes

Series 1

  • Hot Air [FOUND]
  • Musical Madness [FOUND]
  • Dinosaur [FOUND]
  • Jumping Jack [FOUND]
  • Snoring and Touring [FOUND]
  • Bossy Boot [FOUND]
  • Big Mouth, Big Trouble [FOUND]
  • Daisy’s Deputy [FOUND]
  • Code Red [FOUND]
  • The Ghost of Peekaboo Park [FOUND]
  • King of the Road [FOUND]
  • Over the Rainbow [FOUND]
  • Jack the Joker
  • Surprise, Surprise [FOUND]
  • By the Book [FOUND]
  • Happy Butterday [FOUND]
  • Cool Kids [FOUND]
  • Monster Bunch [FOUND]
  • Topsy Turvy [FOUND]
  • Treasure Hunt [FOUND]
  • The Big Yellow Pipe [FOUND]
  • Games Day
  • Up, Up and Away [FOUND]
  • Disappearing Domino [FOUND]
  • Tech’s Magical Carnival [FOUND]
  • Missing
  • The Big Pink Furry Thing
  • Dream Street Christmas Star [FOUND]

Series 2

  • Midnight Monstering [FOUND]
  • Building Block Blunder [FOUND]
  • Check Up [FOUND]
  • King for a Day [FOUND]
  • Beep Beep [FOUND]
  • Mr Fixit [FOUND]
  • Go Faster Half-Pint [FOUND]
  • Coughs and Sneezes [FOUND IN POLISH LANGUAGE]
  • Beans Means Bounce [FOUND IN POLISH LANGUAGE]
  • The Giant Sea Shell
  • Show and Tell
  • Bedtime
  • The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Ready Teddy Go
  • Gungey Goo Day
  • Daisy Fights the Flab
  • The Amazing Bounceroonie [FOUND]
  • Lollipop, Lollipop [FOUND IN POLISH LANGUAGE]
  • Marshmallow Monster [FOUND IN POLISH LANGUAGE]
  • Dream Street Fun 5000 [FOUND]
  • Odd One Out [FOUND]
  • Treasure Map [FOUND]
  • Rodney’s Party Poop [FOUND]
  • Rumour, Rumour
  • Pop Goes the Movies
  • The Milk Round Race
  • The Talent Show
  • Genie of The Lamp
  • When Time Stood Still
  • Super Milk
  • High Flying Wild Bunch
  • Big Chief Rodney
  • Hot Air’s Floaty Boat
  • Glow For It [FOUND]
  • Whodunnit
  • Buddy’s Day
  • Gold Star Parade
  • Big Book of Magic
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