DuckTales (2017) is the reboot of DuckTales (1987) that's been airing since August 12, 2017 

About the Latvian Dub

The Series made its broadcast premiere on Disney XD Scandinavia TV3 on March 21, 2018, so some clips of the Latvian dub were recorded and uploaded on the internet publicly, But the only website that had the Latvian dub was deleted. The only clip of the Latvian Dub that made it was the Intro, However they kept the English dub audio and only a voiceover at the very end of the intro:

Ducktales 2017 - Intro (Latvian)-0

Ducktales 2017 - Intro (Latvian)-0

The Un-Dubbed Latvian Intro

Latvian Title: Pīļu stāsti

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