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DuckTales - Disney Television Animation's 2017 American Animated Television Series, a reboot of the 80s series of the same name

Various countries dubbed the show into their native languages, however many of them are hard to find on the internet

Rrëfenjat e Rosakut (Missing Albanian Dub)

Rrëfenjat e Rosakut (Which translates to "Drake's Stories") is the Albanian Dub of DuckTales. not much is known about this dub, except that it airs on Çufo. Currently this dub cannot be found anywhere

Kačynyja Historyi (Lost Belarusian Dub)

Kačynyja Historyi (Качыныя гісторыі) is the Belarusian Dub of DuckTales. Like the Albanian Dub, very little is known about this dub and it currently can't be found anywhere

Sān tòhng lóuh aap kēuilohkbouh (Found Cantonese Chinese Dub)

Sān tòhng lóuh aap kēuilohkbouh (新唐老鴨俱樂部; Translates to "New Donald Duck Club") is the Cantonese dub of DuckTales. This Dub's title is not to be confused withe the Mandarin Chinese dub of the same name. this dub airs on Disney Channel Hong-Kong. The dub can be found on the English/Spanish/Portuguese/Mandarin/Cantonese/Korean "DuckTales Woo-oo!"-DVD, however, only so many episodes can be seen online along with the intro but it's in very bad quality

EDIT (11/24/19): Found the short intro

EDIT (3/10/22): The dub is available on Disney+



Short Intro


DuckTales 2017 - Intro (Cantonese chinese) (LQ)

Pīļu stāsti (Lost Latvian Voice-Over Dub)

Pīļu stāsti (Translates to "Duck Stories) is the Latvian Voice-over dub of DuckTales. Not much is known about this dub except it aired on TV3. This dub has been considered lost despite only the intro being resurfaced (except it's not dubbed)


Ducktales 2017 - Intro (Latvian)-1

The Un-dubbed Intro

Pačije priče (Lost Serbian Subtitled Dub)

Pačije priče is the Serbian sub of DuckTales reusing the same title from the original 1987 dubbed version, however unlike the original, this dub is subtitled in Serbian instead of dubbed. It also airs on HBO in serbia.

Very little is known about this dub and it cannot be found anywhere

Račje zgDodbe (Lost Slovene Subtitled Dub)

Račje zgDodbe (Which literally Translates to "Duck Stories") is the Slovene sub of DuckTales. Like the Serbian dub, it's also subtitled and it airs on HBO in Slovenia.

Very little is known about this dub, and the only recent finding is a screenshot of the first episode with Slovene subtitles.



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