Dumbo's Circus
The series' title card.
Status Partially Found

Dumbo's Circus was a Disney Channel show in the 1980s. The show was loosely based off of the 1941 animated movie Dumbo, but differed in the fact that the only character from the movie in the show was Dumbo. The show used the same costume style that Welcome to Pooh Corner did. The show received no home media release of any kind, so only a few episodes have been saved since reruns stopped in 1997. Because of the lack of home media release, and rarity of home recording systems at the time of the show's run, episodes are very rare to come across.


There were 115 episodes of the show. There are some episodes on YouTube that have not been matched with episodes, since the show doesn't have title screens people uploading episodes have to guess what it was called, if they try at all. All episode names have been found except for the 115th, so it is possible there were only 114.

# Episode Title Status
3A Taste of MedicineLost
4Scratch, ScratchLost
5Ragweed RagLost
6Tiny TownLost
7All in a Day's PlayLost
8The Perfect PeanutLost
9Strong Man ContestLost
1040 Winks for DinksLost
11Hide and SeekLost
12Horsin' AroundLost
13All Bout ChristmasLost
14The Big SwitchLost
15Barnaby's Magic CoatLost
16Sport's TownLost
18Never Trust a StrangerFound
19Going BananasLost
20The Long WalkLost
21Barnaby Cries UncleLost
22Sebastian's Little HelperLost
23Dink's DoubleFound
25The Magical Musical MachineLost
26If I Ran the CircusLost
27Calliope CalamityLost
28Lionel's Bubble MachineLost
29Barnaby's TrekLost
30Sticky FingersLost
31The RaceLost
32Over the RainbowLost
34Dink's New JobLost
35Who's Got the FeatherFound
37Circus SweetiesLost
38Magic B-Day CakeLost
39Lionel's Weather MachineLost
40The TreasureLost
41Everyone Should Have a SongLost
42The Five WishesLost
43Lionel's Singing LessonLost
44Sandwich HeroLost
45Bye Bye BirdieFound
46Lilli's Hat DanceLost
47Kite DayLost
48One Size Fits AllLost
49A Present for LionelFound
50A Better BetLost
51Lionel Goes to TownLost
52Tricky SebastianLost
53Home Sweet HomeLost
54Eat TroubleLost
55Barnaby Takes a HikeLost
56Quarter for FiveLost
57The Nine Lucks of SebastianLost
58Dear DiaryLost
59Bluegrass ContestLost
60Rinkum's ReturnFound (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)
61Concertina for TwoLost
62Circus DerbyLost
63Invisible BoxLost
64Uncle Latimer Says MerciLost
65Ring Around the CircusLost
67Perfect WeatherLost
68Friend Times ThreeLost
69Out of Sight CircusLost
70Quiet PleaseLost
71Sebastian's TreasureLost
72Meet Me at the FairLost
74Everybody's Doing ItLost
75A Day at the CircusLost
76Make Believe CircusLost
78A Very Special PlaceLost
79Christmas at the CircusLost
80Here's MattyLost
81All AbroadLost
82Birthday, BirthdayLost
83Helo's DinkLost
84Circus TrainerLost
85Help WantedLost
86Dancing MatildaLost
87Mount FrostyLost
88Clowning AroundLost
89My Fair EverybodyLost
90Stormy NightLost
91Catchy TuneLost
92Matty's Beautiful DollFound
93Tell Me a StoryLost
94Adventures Through ReadingLost
96Matty's Magical Mystery TourLost
97Music Maestro PleaseLost
98The Gang's All HereLost
99Adventure, AdventureLost
100Think of All the TimesLost
101Teaching Birds to FlyLost
102Farmer's CircusFound
103Lilli's Surprise PartyLost
104Finding the Perfect GiftLost
105Lilli Comes HomeLost
106The Annual Summer ParadeLost
107Welcome to Melody LandLost
108A Lion Needs a ManeLost
109She's Really Something SpecialLost
110That Darn TrikeLost
111Snookie and the CoodiesLost
112Forest Full of FriendsLost
113The Big ParadeLost
114Solo CircusLost
115???Existence Unconfirmed


  • Katie Leigh - Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Walker Edmiston - Sebastian the Alley Cat
  • Patricia Parris - Lilli the Cat
  • Jim Cummings - Lionel the Lion, Aunt Fira
  • Will Ryan - Barnaby Bowser the Goofy Dog
  • Hal Smith - Fair Dinkum and Rinkum Dinkum the Koala Bear brothers
  • Ron Gans - Q.T. the Orangutan
  • Laurie Main - Uncle Lattimer Bowser, III
  • Mona Marshall - Matilda Dinkum
  • Phil Baron - Misc. others


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