Lost Media Archive

The 'Weird Object' logo was a Logo made for Nickelodeon. Mostly seen on older recordings of Nickelodeon Split-Screen Credits from 2000-2006. The logo no longer appears on the network today. Retired in April 2006. Never seen on home video releases. It contains a teal background with weird shapes appearing on each show. The shape Springs then spins 360° and then it stays still with copyright bylines in black font on the bottom. These logos mostly appeared on shows like SpongeBob, Hey Arnold!, CatScratch, Pelswick, The Amamda Show, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberries, and many others. Some shows had theme song music plastered through the logo and sometimes the infamous "Laughing Kids" audio plays. (Mostly on KC shows) But there was no laughing kids in the first airings of the logo. Mostly extended trailer music plasters on the logo with a xylophone and car revving combined. This was from September 4, 2000 to Summer 2001. There was footage from Nick and More of this logo. But sadly it got deleted due to Viacom. A fanmade video of Nick and More's footage can be found on YouTube. So, we can safely say that this is lost media because there is no footage posted as of now.

UPDATE: 9/22/17: The early Weird Object logo with the xlylophone and car revving sound has been found on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htUBfiRxx6Q (at 2:56).

UPDATE: 2/20/21: A YouTuber named Velkrive found two more variations of this bumper. They can be viewed here:

Update 08/30/21: Velkrive was terminated.