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Eat Me! Records was a record label established in 1998 by two siblings who lived in New Jersey. Just two years later, they had recruited quite a few punk rock bands along the East Coast, and decided to release an album of songs from bands owned by Eat Me! Records. The album name, to go fittingly with the record label name "Eat Me! Records", was "Punk 'N' Pie". Additionally, in 2001, a follow-up titled "Eat This!" was released that featured fewer bands but the genre leans more towards hardcore and screamo than the previous. Other than Discogs entries, Genius pages on the albums that aren't complete, and on (for Punk 'N' Pie) a skatepunk website sometime in 2010 about albums that they wanted, not much is known about the album. We know all of the songs and bands featured on the albums, as well as some tracks being posted onto YouTube by "Kevin Osmond"[1].

Punk 'n' Pie Known Tracklist

  1. Slacker's Theme (Sat. Detention) by Dancing Purple Frogs
  2. What's Wrong With Me by Smack Addict
  3. Misunderstood by Thank You Alfred
  4. Darkest Place (Live) by Seven Foot Grin
  5. Confronted by Burning Strong
  6. Coolness by Wryneck
  7. Movin' On by Whoopie Cushion
  8. 2:51 by The Delinquents
  9. Cudgel by Mezzanine
  10. Adrenaline Rush by Stage Control
  11. Sandra Rhode by Wryneck
  12. Keep My Eyes Closed by Smack Addict
  13. Falling Off My Bicycle by Stage Control
  14. Hellbound by Pardon My Parka
  15. I Just Wanna Do It With Jennifer Love Hewitt by Dancing Purple Frogs
  16. Just Like You by Thank You Alfred
  17. Emilie by Whoopie Cushion
  18. SEB (Life) by Seven Foot Grin
  19. Arsenic by Mezzanine
  20. We Did It by Dancing Purple Frogs
  21. What's Going On by Wreckinghorn

Eat This! Known Tracklist

1 Leftover Crack Nazi White Trash[2]

(note: different than the versions available from their first album and their compilation of b-sides and rarities released in 2018 I think)

2 The Survivors Where Did We Go Wrong
3 Blind Society Public Schools Work For You
4 Maddog Surrender Union Strike
5 Hopeless Dregs Of Humanity Let's Bomb The Shit Out Of Our Problems
6 The Scrapes Progress
7 All In Favor Here's Your Lesson Asshole
8 The Survivors Exercise Your Mind
9 The Insubordinates Pist At The World
10 Sugar & Spikes Brainwashed
11 Transgression The Grand Delusion (A Prophet's Dream)
12 Crooked Halo Tuesday
13 Nothing Yet Fuck The Drugs
14 Wreckinghorn What's Going On[3]

UPDATE: SOMETHING A higher quality version of "What's Going On" by Wreckinghorn is available on their Bandcamp page[4], effectively making Kevin Osmond's low quality and horrible mixing job obsolete. However, Osmond's version is still the only version on YouTube, so it is still okay. Additionally, this Bandcamp version is of the "Eat This" version, not the Punk 'n' Pie/original version.

Further Update: Punk 'n' Pie was available for a few months on YouTube but became lost again after Kevin's channel was mysteriously deleted. While this would usually mean it's lost again, we do have something. I was digging through Kevin's Twitter account for any mentions and there actually are some tweets featuring low quality recordings of the first two tracks.



Hopefully last edit concerning Punk 'n' Pie: PNP is found now! Kevin reuploaded the video on a new Youtube channel.