Eat Me! Records was a record label established in 1998 by two siblings who lived in New Jersey. Just two years later, they had recruited quite a few punk rock bands along the East Coast, and decided to release an album of songs from bands owned by Eat Me! Records. The album name, to go fittingly with the record label name "Eat Me! Records", was "Punk 'N' Pie". Other than a Discogs entry, a Genius page on the album that isn't complete, and on a skatepunk website sometime in 2010 about albums that they wanted, not much is known about the album. We know all of the songs and bands featured on the album, as well as three tracks have been posted onto YouTube by the channel "Kevin Osmond"[1]

Song Titles and Bands Featured


Dancing Purple Frogs - Slacker's Theme (Sat. Detention) (My Attempt To Make A High Quality Version)

  1. Slacker's Theme (Sat. Detention) by Dancing Purple Frogs
  2. What's Wrong With Me by Smack Addict
  3. Misunderstood by Thank You Alfred

    Thank You Alfred - Misunderstood (As High Quality As Possible) (Uncensored Version)

  4. Darkest Place (Live) by Seven Foot Grin
  5. Confronted by Burning Strong
  6. Coolness by Wryneck
  7. Movin' On by Whoopie Cushion
  8. 2:51 by The Delinquents
  9. Cudgel by Mezzanine
  10. Adrenaline Rush by Stage Control
  11. Sandra Rhode by Wryneck
  12. Keep My Eyes Closed by Smack Addict
  13. Falling Off My Bicycle by Stage Control
  14. Hellbound by Pardon My Parka
  15. I Just Wanna Do It With Jennifer Love Hewitt by Dancing Purple Frogs
  16. Just Like You by Thank You Alfred
  17. Emilie by Whoopie Cushion
  18. SEB (Life) by Seven Foot Grin
  19. Arsenic by Mezzanine
  20. We Did It by Dancing Purple Frogs
  21. What's Going On by Wreckinghorn

    Wreckinghorn - What's Going On (Official Audio)

UPDATE: SOMETHING A higher quality version of "What's Going On" by Wreckinghorn is available on their Bandcamp page[2], effectively making Kevin Osmond's low quality and horrible mixing job obsolete. However, Osmond's version is still the only version on YouTube, so it is still okay. Additionally, this Bandcamp version is of the "Eat This" version, not the Punk 'n' Pie/original version.

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