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What's it like to become... human prey?

— The narrator

Human Prey (known as Eaten Alive in Canada) was a Canadian TV miniseries that aired on Animal Planet in early 2009, and has since had reruns during its "Monster Week" in the early-mid 2010's. The plot involves real cases of animal attacks where reenactments are played by actors, while the real life survivors describe their brush with death in a documentary-style format. The show is similar to I'm Alive, but more gruesome/graphic. In fact, at the end of commercials, it would say "Viewer discretion is strongly advised", while I'm Alive does not feature "strongly". None of the episodes were ever released on DVD or Blu-ray, and information for the show online is incredibly scarce, instead taken up by the 2014 TV special Eaten Alive which has to do with snakes. Only one thing about production is known; Out Of Africa Entertainment filmed the show.

Update 06/16/2019: All episodes have been found on YouTube in 1080p, but they are blocked in some countries (including Canada). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrloVsXMROXh7EJesKjzC7w


It appears that there were six episodes produced for the show.

The first episode focuses entirely on three attacks; a chimpanzee attack, tiger attack, and bull attack.

The second episode deals with attacks in Africa; the first of which is a male lion attack; the second is a hyena attack where the victim's ear is ripped off, and the third attack is a lioness mauling.

The third episode focuses on bear attacks. The first is a father and daughter being attacked by a defensive grizzly bear. The second attack takes place in a Hot Springs in British Columbia which features a mother and son attacked by a predatory black bear, which happened in 1997 (the mother is killed and two others are also attacked; Ray Kitchen who tried to help was killed, and another person was attacked as well but lived). The final attack takes place in Alaska, where two hunters are attacked by a defensive brown bear. One hunter fights off the bear with a gunshot and escapes with minor cuts and bruises but the other is almost mauled to death.

There are more attacks, such as a fox/coyote/wolf attack on a young boy, a crocodile attack, and other unknown attacks in the other three episodes.