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Please, someone help me find this record, and make the rest of the collection available for the public!

Edições Paulinas is a Catholic community that sell from bibles to kids stories and bibles passages books simplified for them.

There is others collections by the same company :

collections names:


IMG 20200813 234231982~2.jpg

Jesus nos leva ao pai

Records in this collection:

EPD Jesus nos leva ao pai pre 1

EPD 0216 Jesus nos leva ao pai pré 2


EPD 0223 Jesus nos leva ao pai 2° ano (3)

Coleção Mini Estórias

Festa-de-so-joo-2-compacto-coleco-mini-estoria-e-paulinas-D NQ NP 854225-MLB40049622558 122019-F.jpg

Records in this collection:

EPD 076 Florzinha Azul

EPD 077 O Pastorzinho

EPD 078 Um desejo de natal


EPD 079 O segredo de uma boa ação

EPD 080 O pequeno Batalhão/Aventura no bosque

EPD 081 O jangadeiro corajoso

EPD 157 Festa De São João




Compacto-vinil-festa-na-sapataria-colelco-mini-estorias-D NQ NP 821705-MLB25073029041 092016-F.jpg

Vinyl record name:Festa na sapataria (sapataria escrito com uma grafia diferente)

Edition:Edições Paulinas (EPD 0174)

Recently found:


A person retelling the story of the record, but the record is still missing


Collection: Mini estórias

Text by: C.Nogueira F. S. P

Songs and Arrangements by Wilma Camargo

Compacto-vinil-festa-na-sapataria-colelco-mini-estorias-D NQ NP 819605-MLB25073023313 092016-F.jpg

Cast: "Estorinhas"

Set: C. Nogueira

São Paulo

Made by Som Indústria e comércio S. A

Rua Argentina, 173 - São Bernardo do Campo ( Ruoge Ramos) Est. de S. Paulo

C. G. C. 61.160.842

Compacto-vinil-festa-na-sapataria-colelco-mini-estorias-D NQ NP 302705-MLB25073023327 092016-O.jpg

Part of the message I sent to blameitonjorge:

A story/song about a shoe maker working with his shoes. About he only tinking of work, while his shoes wanted him to have fun.

The record was from "Edições Paulinas Discos", "Festa na Sapataria" ( shoe store party ).

It was a record in the "Coleção Estorinhas" collection.

My mother remebers some parts of it, I will transcribe them bellow.


"O mestre remendão

Só sabe remendar

Tocando sua sanfona sem parar."


"Tem dó, tem dó!

O que é velho fica novo..."


"The patch master

Just know how to patch

Playing his accordion without stopping."


"Have mercy, have mercy.

What is old becomes new!"

The "have Mercy" sentence is said by the shoes for the patcher to have mercy for himself and stop working a little.

My father still owns the Edições Paulinas record by the name Jesus nos leva ao pai.

Those Festa na Sapataria pictures where taken from a Mercado Livre seller, that already sold the record so he removed the post.

If you know anything from the rest of this collection, please help expanding the page!

I will add more info as i find it.

Disquinho-festa-na-sapataria-1977-f123-D NQ NP 22120-MLB20225563799 012015-F.jpg


Those pictures where taken from Mercado Livre ( a "selling used stuff" kinda site).





Festa na Sapataria has been found!! After being unheard for a long time, you can finally listen to it!!


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