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The Electronic Sheriff Woody was made by Mattel in 2008 and released in Europe, Asia, and Australia. It is unknown why these weren't released in the United States.

U.K. Mattel Woody on Bull Ridin' Woody's Bull

However a Latin Spanish version was released on Mexico, but for some reason that edition was discontinued and replaced by the International version (says 4 noises). The only proof of it's existence was a review on YouTube made in 2010 where the doll was compared to a push-button Woody from Thinkway. The video was deleted by the past of the years.

Description from the original listing. Extracted from Discord since the listing was Updated.

A listing on MercadoLibre claimed that someone had this version, along wiht the bull from the Bull Ridin' Woody, but the doll was sold and the listing was updated and replaced by a Hasbro Woody doll.

Mike O Channel owns an U.K. Mattel Woody[1], but it's uknown if it's the international edition or the spanish one.