Elmo's World is a five-minute-long segment shown at the end of the American children's television program, Sesame Street. It premiered on 1998-11-16 on PBS, as part of the show's structural change and originally ran fifteen minutes at the end of each episode until 2009, but was then rebooted in 2017.

There is an Irish dub called "Elmo Anseo" that aired on TG4 on Cúla4's block and Tiny Pop according to a few search. There is no videos of this dub, and like every Irish dubs, it is likely that they aired the show in English (This makes sense sincee in Ireland speaks English too, but it's unusual since Cúla4 dubs some shows in Irish).

There are only some searches of this dub: https://tv24.co.uk/p/elmo-anseo-o3t011 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%C3%BAla4

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