EGS Was A Fanmade Spin-off Of The Nick Show Danny Phantom & Based Off Of Ember McLain Created By Randy Stair In 2015.

The Series Was Later Cancelled In 2017 After Stair Started A Store Shooting At Weis Market In Pennsylvania, The Episodes On His Channel Called EGSWorld That Was Launched On YouTube In 2016 Are Lost & No Video Upload On The Channel Exist.

The Show Was Really Based On A Show That Stair Also Made Called Pioneersproductions Finale Series That Was Made In 2014 Also Stair Was Obsessed In Ember McLain From Danny Phantom.

The Episodes That Aired In 2015 & Half Of 2016 Can Still Be Found Online Along With The EGS Tapes, Stair Also Uploaded Files Of The Missing Episodes Along With Other Lost Videos Onto His Mediafire But It Has Since Been Deleted & They No Longer Exist.

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