Empire Square (abbreviated Empire Sq.) is an animated TV series written by comedian, Matt Morgan, made with pixelated graphics. It originated in the United Kingdom where it is broadcast on Channel 4 late at night on Fridays. Around 2005-2006, American music network Fuse TV aired full length half hour episodes as opposed to the two to four minute ones in the UK.


Empire Square is about three foul-mouthed kids named Ritchie, Rabbit and Hooks. They are usually after "get-rich" schemes and get into a lot of trouble with crack whores, pedophiles, and many other crazy characters. In various episodes, they start bands. Empire Square is an apartment building where, they all live in the same room. Episode plots in the U.S. vary from Richie and Rabbit's quest for pornography and computer systems to internet dating sites gone horribly wrong. Celebrity parodies also abound, such as Richie's trip to rehab, "the sweat shop", and Clay Aiken.

Lost Media

However, is show is largely obscure and hard to find anywhere on the internet. Only one episode called "Sleep Study" is available on YouTube.

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