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Endsville was a 2000 independent film directed by Steven Cantor.


"A mock-documentary about a religious cult headed by Caleb Solar in Endsville, NY that believes the world is coming to an end in the form of a giant flood."[1]


  • Kyle Secor as Caleb Solar
  • Alan Ruck as Kenneth Thith
  • Jim Gaffigan as Ivy Vaughn
  • Dwight Ewell as Shawn Walker
  • Tracy Hutson as Nicola McCoy
  • Graeme Malcolm as Neville Asquith
  • David Moscow as Isaac Melnick
  • Laraine Newman as Elizabeth Wilberforce
  • Ethan Phillips as Terry Festinger
  • David Warshofsky as Doug
  • Judd Nelson as Rufus The Buck-Toothed Sluggard
  • William Fichtner as Prince Victor
  • Jay O. Sanders as Bo Tatum
  • Debbie Matenopoulos as Lisa Swayzak

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