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Engie Benjy is a British pre-school children's television show, broadcast on ITV's children's strand, CITV. Engie Benjy is a blue-haired mechanic who fixes problems with the help of his friends and an assortment of living magic and vehicles. He owns a dog named Jollop and drives a breakdown van named Dan the Van. Other characters include Driver Dottie, Astronaut Al and Farmer Fred.

There was an Italian dub of the series that was aired on Raisat Ragazzi in April 2004 and Rai Yoyo (Known as Raisat YoYo by the time)[1] in December 2006 and made reruns on Rai Gulp in October 2008. The dub was lost and no resurface.

However a part of the Intro can be found on a nostalgia video where it shows all memories of Rai Yoyo from the past.

The Cast

  • Engie Benjy - Tatiana Dessi
  • Dotty - Antonella Rendina
  • Mo - Cristina Giachero
  • Fred - Ambrogio Colombo
  • Pinna - Oliviero Dinelli



  • This is the only dub were Engie is voiced by a woman.