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Entry Point (2015) Trailer

Entry point was one of the popular Roblox Heist FPS along with notoriety, however there is a game before the Entry Point that we all know and love, there was a prototype and trailer made in 2015 when Cishshato was <13, First game iteration was not the Entry point that we love and know, this version uses R6, and 1.0 bodies, and a gun we never saw, also with the main character being Mouse, all what can be found is a trailer.

as what was found was in the wiki below

"An early iteration of Entry Point was developed between late 2014 to early 2015 and included a main character named "Mouse", Rose and Jackdaw. Equivalents of the missions The Freelancer, The Blacksite and The Financier began development but were never released. The game included a UMP-45 firearm and mechanics such as dragging bodies, using duct tape for hostages and suppressors losing durability. A short trailer was released, showcasing the opening part of the game. This first version was never finished and in 2018 development began on the current version of Entry Point"