When it comes to our featured guests who live in colonies, Max the Wasp and Morris the Ant are brought in together at the same time, and could not get along with each other when one of them talk about themselves.


  • Opening
  • That's Amazing
  • Guest: Max the Wasp (ft. Morris the Ant)
  • Baby Talk
  • Song
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks an anteater a question
  • Yves St. La Roach
  • Guest: Morris the Ant (ft. Max the Wasp)
  • Song
  • Animal Awards
  • Story
  • Habitat Time
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks a rabbit a question
  • Closing


  • Dave Goelz as Stinky
  • Steve Whitmire as Jake
  • Bill Barretta as Armstrong, Dullard, and Max the Wasp
  • Louise Gold as Bunnie and Rhonda
  • John Eccleston as Yves St. La Roach and Morris the Ant
  • Katherine Smee as an anteater


  • Max the Wasp is a recycled version of Winnie the Wasp.
  • Morris the Ant is a recycled version of Nemets the Ant.
  • The anteater Rhonda interviews is a recycled version of Flaubert from "Muppet Treasure Island."
  • The rabbit Rhonda interviews is a recycled version of Sean the Rabbit.
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