Today's guests are gliders. Our first guest, Cody the Colobus Monkey, couldn't stop gliding so much, Stinky and Jake are afraid to lose their heads. But Stinky decides to use glue on the other guest, Quincy the Flying Squirrel, so he and Jake wouldn't lose their heads. Stinky accidentally trips with some glue, causing him and Quincy to be attached to each other. He eventually uses Yves St. La Roach's exploding marmalade to get them unattached.


  • Opening
  • That's Amazing: Monkeys with no thumbs
  • Guest: Cody the Colobus Monkey
  • Baby Talk: Baby monkeys eating leaves on the trees
  • Song: "Glide, Glide, Glide"
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks a very depressed penguin on which animals can fly.
  • Yves St. La Roach: Exploding Marmalade (found on YouTube)
  • Guest: Quincy the Flying Squirrel
  • Song: Quincy and Stinky sing "Two's a Crowd"
  • Animal Awards: The best glider
  • Story: The Great Bat
  • Habitat Time: Tree-filled areas
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks Quincy which animal doesn't live in trees
  • Closing


  • Dave Goelz as Stinky
  • Steve Whitmire as Jake
  • Bill Barretta as Armstrong, Dullard, and Quincy the Flying Squirrel
  • Louise Gold as Bunnie and Rhonda
  • John Eccleston as Yves St. La Roach and Cody the Colobus Monkey
  • Katherine Smee as a penguin


Colobus Monkey and Flying Squirrel - Animal Show with Stinky and Jake - The Jim Henson Company

Colobus Monkey and Flying Squirrel - Animal Show with Stinky and Jake - The Jim Henson Company


  • When Bunnie and Armstrong introduce Animal Awards, Armstrong gives a shout-out to one of the writers, Jim Lewis, by mentioning that he believes that the farthest glider is Jim. Bonnie asks if he's a good glider. Armstrong Doesn't think so, but he promises he mentioned his name on the show. It is uploaded on the internet.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Rhonda interviews an animal who is also a guest in the same episode. This is also one of the few episodes (if not only) where one of Rhonda's questions is answered correctly.  In fact, the particular guest, Quincy the Flying Squirrel, guessed the right answer to the question "Which of these animals does not live in trees?" in which his guess was "the ground squirrel."


Cody the Colobus Monkey
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