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DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with Violent, Sexual, Profane, and/or Drug-Related Content. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Escândalo da Socialidade it's a Brazilian Sci-Fi Movie Made by The Infamous Sady Baby who Also Made Emoções Sexuais de Um Cavalo/Jegue, This Movie was Released in 1984 However Only The Posters is Available on The Internet.


A high society family in a state of total moral decomposition - the father, an alcoholic, a man completely alienated from reality itself, lives in the eternal illusion of having an exemplary and happy family; the mother, Marta, even more unbalanced than her father, also drowns her sorrow and guilt in drink; The daughter, Marina, takes revenge on her parents (whom she blames for the accident that left her disabled in a wheelchair) and society, pretending a situation that at the same time satisfies her morbid purposes, and leaves her at the mercy of the lust of the maniac Dr. Moura, the family doctor, who is very much a family doctor. Moura, the family doctor, who is much more concerned about maintaining his source of income and satisfying his bestial instincts than in honoring his professional oath; and André, the disoriented and lost son, without motivation, who ends up finding in violence and in a marginal life the main interest of his empty existence. The result of so many mismatches is a film full of figurative and violent images that translate, in the rawness of the crimes shown as a consequence of such unbalanced behavior and in the unconscious criminal action of young André, all the anguish and all the incredible loneliness in which everyone lives in that house, each one immersed and concerned only with their own unhappiness. In the end, each one is forced to take responsibility for their own sins and to pay the price for a life that until then had no other motive than the pure material fulfillment of each one.