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Eto Rangers

Eto Ranger was a forgotten anime that arguably some called the "spiritual successor" to Samurai Pizza Cats. However, Eto was made by Shaft better known for Tsukuyomi Moon Phase and Palutena Character Trailer for Smash Bros, while Pizza Cats was produced by Tatsunoko better known for Speed Racer and Gatchaman. The Japanese and Korean dub is the most well known But the Tagalog dub is very hard to find. Only one clip has been found and the name change of the Character names. I don't live in the Philippines or speak Tagalog but if you do or know any one. Tell me what channel this aired on and any other clips. If you remember seeing this add more clips. The only clip is of the very end of the show.

Name Changes Japanese to Tagalong

Bakumaru=Powell ,Hors=Buku,Gao=Delacao,Cream=Kelly,Drago=Pakaracchi,Nyoyori=Wani,Soufflé=Cecily,Monk=Menkyu,Tart=Chicky,Pochiro=Yalong,Uri=Baby,and Nyanma=Monstar

(Update 1/25/16) The YouTuber Bakumaru Powell made a video saying that Eto Ranger was big in the Philippines and but its hard to find full episodes of the Tagalog Dub.

(Update 4/4/16) When looking up Eto Ranger on Google an old OoCites about Eto Ranger known as The Thirteen Warriors the last update was 1/15/08 and it said it aired in the Philippines from 1997 to 98 but its unknown what channel it was on.


The Only Clip of The Dub