Family Guy is an American animated television series that has been running since 1999 created by Seth MacFarlane. The series revolves around the life of the Griffin family in the fictional American town of Quahog in the state of Rhode Island.

It was very successful with it being exported to other countries and being dubbed into many languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Ukrainian and many others..

However there are rumors of there being a Japanese dub of the series. As there's a official Japanese dub but Hulu Is currently Trying to Dub it, so it currently airs with subtitles. Usually you'll find a YouTube channel or a website that's dubbed it themselves but in 1999 there was an actual Dub in Japanese TV But yet By Seth McFarlane's studio A official dub on YouTube and remains lost until Someone finds the OFFICIAL dub. The ass ahoy Joke may be Gone and A few scenes may not be there But its unsure. The Dub Was Aired though 1999-2001 and had different shading's of The colors We seen in it

Official airing screenshot

Official airing screenshot

Truther existence of the dub's existence

There are no current Releases of Japanese dubs of the series online And if you at least have The official please put it online. The Japanese title fro "Death has a Shadow" is apparently "死には影がある" may help the finding of the Dub. It is currently a mystery by "Pearlandshell1" on Twitter To figure out if this is Real Lost media or Fake.

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