Fangbone was a graphic novel series which turned into an animated pilot. It aired on Canadian Disney XD on May 4, 2014. It aired for some time and was on demand too via Shaw on Demand. It aired once, and then never aired again. Additionally, if you went to Disney XD's Canadian website, you could vote on the music and the voices of the show. Promo here. The original voices and music never aired once. But in August 31, 2015, due to DHX decline for Disney, it was renamed as Family CHRGD on October 9, 2015. But later, they picked up this show and aired the pilot again on March 22, 2016. This show will be soon on Disney XD in the U.S. in Summer 2016. The theme song is now on YouTube here. However, if you live in the US, it's unavailable.
Fangbone Title Screen

The title screen

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