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  • Opening: Susan Nettleford says hello to the veiwers and even her family, Her birthday party at the animal show.
  • That's Amazing: The Non colorful lady peacock
  • First Line of Guests: Aroura the Peacock, Lamont The Sloth, Jacob Parrot, Jimmy The Crocodile, Alexa The Frog, Terry The Baboon, Maurice The Green Backed Heron, Lulu The Potto, Custer The Bison, Wingo The Shoe-bill and Perry The Wild Horse.
  • Song: Fashion Love
  • Baby Talk: baby chinstrap penguins dance party
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks Alana The Baboon two questions one " which one of these animals is a lady peacock." and the second one is " where did you find that Skirt"
  • Second Line of Guests: Tizzy the bee, Winnie wasp, Milton The Blue Footed Booby, Lenny The Gorilla, Harry The Rhino, Clive The Kiwi, Nico The Marine iguana, Lily the Lemur, Yves St. La Roach, Quincy The Flying Squirrel, Cody The Colobus Monkey, Andrew The Humpback Whale, Blanch The Manatee, and Rudy The Cockatoo, Alexis The Giraffe, Garfield the Cat, Shawn The Rabbit, And Alicia The Volcano Rabbit.
  • Intermission
  • Third Line Up of Guests: Vicki The Snake, Fozzie Bear, Kiki The Snake, Victor The Snake, Stanley The Mouse, Timothy The Owl, Bart The Coyote, Vrigina The Red Fox, Doreen The Camel, Vic The Monitor Lizard, Octavio The Octopus, and Stinky The Skunk.
  • Song: Rock With You
  • Fourth Line Up of Animals:  Cool the Kangaroo Rat, Flora the Koala, Sandy the Giant Otter, Melanie the Mink, Jasper the Jaguar, Travis the African Buffalo, Stella the Stoat, Lydia the Ostrich and Billy Bob the Lemur.
  • Song: Warlow sings Putting on the Ritz
  • Fifth Line Up of Animals: Natasha the Tarantula, Morley the Mole, Robert the Red Deer, Rocky the Bighorn Sheep, Margaret the Stork, Tommy the Gazelle, Phoenicia the Hippopotamus, Swifty the Cheetah and Ernie the Mongoose
  • Yves St. La Roach: how to cook a fancy meal for a fancy party. or is it how you get trampled and crushed and hurt by fancy animals.
  • Sixth and Final Line Up of Animals: Eugene The Hunting dog, Rhonda The Raccoon, Zak The Arctic Fox, Bunnie Bear, Armstrong The Chicken Hawk, Rhonda Rat, Perl The Pikia, Charlie The Chamois, Larry The Fish, Pricillia The Honey Possum, Barry The Honey Bee, Sasha The Siberian Tiger, Randal The Zebra, Malcolm The Lion, Andrew The Reindeer, Hetty The Hedgehog, and Jake The Polar Bear.
  • Song: Sing
  • Animal Awards: most fanciest animal
  • Story: the Peacocks Supper
  • Habitat Time: The Brush lands and grasslands of Indiana and Spain.
  • Song: Bunnie Bear sings "Anything Goes"
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda asks a bull a question " which one of these if a male sloth" then she asks where he got that adorable necklace and the bull says " oh thise really neat party store down the street want to come the even have them in rat sizes too."
  • Song: Sing (Reprise)
  • Closing: Curtain Call


  • Dave Golez: Stinky and Maurice and a beaver and a spider and more
  • Steve Whitmire: Jake and a red bird and a black bird and a blue bird and a Badger and more
  • Bill Barretta: Armstrong a Shoe bill a duck and a cow and more
  • Brian Henson: Sal-Minella and a Turkey and a chicken and more
  • David Rudman: Birds a Mouse and a Brown and a Gray and Arctic and Desert Fox and more
  • Eric Jacobson: Spoonbill and Grasshopper Mouse
  • John Ecclesston: Terry The Potto and Billy Bob The Lemur and more
  • Louise Gold: Bunnie, Birds and a Musk ox and more
  • Julianne Buescher: Birds and a Bison and more
  • Katheran Smee: a bird and a honey possum a fly a rabbit and more