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By GabrielThe PaperMaster, Fast Food Adventures is a series which is gonna last 4 seasons, & primered in 2020, & a Movie is planned to be released on Christmas of 2021, & the 4 seasons raving 25 episodes each.

Fast Food Adventures: Pilot 1

The plot for this pilot is completely unknown, even the creator doesn’t know the plot.

Fast Food Adventures: Pilot 2

Like the 1st pilot, the 2nd pilot is completely unknown, & like the 1st pilot, the plot is unknown to the creator.

Fast Food Adventures: McDonalds’ Sugar Rush

This is the 3rd pilot of Fast Food Adventures, but unlike the 1st & 2nd pilots, the plot is actually known, the plot is that McDonalds gets a sugar rush, & he almost dies from the doctor, but survives, this is the only known pilot that is known.

3 other episodes

Nothing are known about these, they were reworked into the Logo Movie.

Likelyness of being Found

These will never be found, because they were lost on another phone, & they can’t be archived, but Fast Food Adventures did get green lit in 2020.

Screenshot of the 1st episode