Lost Media Archive

Fatima Sofe is an infamous YouTuber. They have made many fake video. A discussion has started about a lost video that had Disney Junior Asia content. The recollection said that there was an Amphibia promo. There was also a Fairly Odd Parents promo that was changed for a show that’s non existent named The Real Werewolves. It had Gravity Falls music. Another promo was one for the Netflix original, Glitter Force, which was an American adaptation of Smile Pretty Cure!. There was also some Doki-Doki clips in there too. The promo was actually a Timmy Time promo, but it was heavily edited to contain the Glitter Force clips. The rest of the contents are unknown.

The only remnants of the video is a video by Prentis Dupree Jr. named “Let’s talk about fake Disney junior bumpers”. He skipped some clips though.

The URL is the only thing archived other than the Prentis Dupree video. Fatima Sofe got terminated in 2021. There’s a slim chance of this video being found.

Update: Adan The BCG Fan: Now I Finally Know The Fairy Odd Parents Fanmade Show It's Called "Fairies VS Villains"

Also I Recreated The Whole Commercial Break So Hope You Enjoy


Update #2: Adan The Big City Greens Fan: Made A Video About This I Have To Split Into Two Parts

Part 1


Part 2