Felix & Pals Puppet Party! (Unproduced 2009 TV Series)

The Lost Media Wiki’s article on the subject!Felix & Pals Puppet Party! is a cancelled TV series from Flexitoon and Felix the Cat Productions. This series would have starred the character Felix, Poindexter, and the Professor as puppets, built by Flexitoon. 13 half hour episodes were planned, along with 65 interstitals of 10-15 seconds each.[1]

UPDATE: According to an email from Flexitoon co-founder Craig Marin, no episodes of the series were ever produced:


Thanks for asking about the show. Unfortunately, it never made it past the planning stages: Puppets were built as you see but the producers decided not to go forward. It would have been a great one though -- UNCLE FLOYD was brought in to be the host... Keep checking for an exciting new show about to drop.

All the best,

— Craig Marin


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